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Two Weeks

Today marks two weeks since Leo started at a local primary school.  That's right, we're no longer homeschooling. While we always knew homeschooling would have an expiry date, we certainly didn't anticipate it coming 11 days after starting. But it did. I won't go into detail here as to why it didn't work. Suffice to say, there were a lot  of reasons and they are unique to our family. I will say though that we are all happy with the decision that has been made.  For a child who didn't attend any transition days last year and went from homeschooling on a Monday to starting at a local school on a Wednesday, Leo has done very well adjusting to our new routine. It's not been without tears or tantrums but when I've picked him up there's been a bright smile and a sparkle in his eyes. Two things I had not seen for 11 days. This experience has not turned me off homeschooling. I still think it's a wonderful alternative for those inclined. Al

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